It’s been some time…

Hay guys I am so sorry for not doing blogmas. It has been a famliy time so I figured I will take a break every December to spend some time with my family. So I will be back in 2019. Love you guys SOOO much!


Teen Christmas Wishlist

Hay guys what is up? I like to get presents, but that isn’t what Christmas about, it is about the birth of Jesus in my family (you don’t have to have the same religion of me this is just what I celebrate). If y’all like this blog post, please consider subscribing, I post everyday for blogmas. Alright, let’s get on into the post!

  1. Light gray joggers
  2. White tee
  3. New laptop
  4. Camera
  5. 50’s dress
  6. New knives
  7. Hoodies
  8. A new chain for my cross
  9. Doc martens
  10. To help at more shelters

OK guys those were the top ten things I want for Christmas!If y’all liked it please consider subscribing, again I am posting every single day for blogmas!Goodbye guys love you!